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About HFCU

Honolulu FCU - About HFCU

History and Background

Honolulu Federal Credit Union (HFCU) was chartered on December 3, 1936 as a financial cooperative for U.S. Federal Employees employed in Honolulu. It was the fifth credit union formed in what was then the Territory of Hawaii. Today, HFCU has more than 15,000 members with assets of over $231 million, served by 40 employees at four branches.

The credit union was chartered as a not-for-profit cooperative, owned and operated for the benefit of its members. While what a credit union does is similar to what a bank does (both make loans and accept deposits), it is why we do it and how we do it that make us different from banks. Credit unions are owned by their members, and any surplus above expenses belongs to its members. Credit unions are run by unpaid volunteers who serve on the Board of Directors and/or Supervisory Committees. The board, in turn, hires a staff to run the day-to-day operations. Credit unions do not have stockholders and are democratically run, meaning each member has only one vote. There are over 7,500 credit unions in America today.

HFCU is "Enriching Island Life." Our mission statement reflects this dedication: "We are committed to serve our members by providing quality services, products and education to help achieve their financial success."

The objective of HFCU is to provide high savings rates and low loan rates to our members.

In 2011, HFCU shares were $203.3 million and loans were $104.0 million. The credit union approved 2,122 loans totaling $21.2 million. The average return on all shares was 0.44% and the average rate on all loans was 5.44%. Net income was $997 thousand and capital remained a strong 10.72% of assets. This very high capital ratio helps to keep HFCU strong and your savings safe.

Fields of Membership (FOM) - Membership Eligibility

Individuals in the following fields of membership are eligible to join Honolulu FCU:

  • Civilian employees of the U.S. Government headquartered in Honolulu, Hawaii, including civilian and military employees of all branches of Department of Defense.

  • Civilian and military personnel of the 14th Coast Guard District who work in or have headquarters in the 14th Coast Guard District, Hawaii.

  • Members of the U.S. Armed Forces including the U.S. Coast Guard who live in Hawaii, active or retired, or their dependents or dependent survivors who live in Hawaii who are eligible to receive and are receiving benefits or services from the Sand Island Coast Guard Base in Hawaii.

  • Contractors and employees of contractors who regularly work at the Sand Island Coast Guard Base in Hawaii under contract with the U.S. Government except those who are eligible for primary membership in another credit union by virtue of their employment.

  • Employees of Honolulu FCU.

  • Employees of the following businesses:

    1. 1350 Ala Moana Condominium Project
    2. 24 Hour Fitness
    3. 2K Taxi
    4. 3 Ahuna Elizabeth L / August K Ahuna dba Local Boys Audio
    5. 3 Henrietta Leimomi Kai
    6. 5 Star Tabscare Systems
    7. A & E Equipment Rentals, Inc.
    8. A Bruce's Scuba School, LLC
    9. A-1 Auto Sales, LLC
    10. A1 International, Inc.
    11. A1 Oahu Doors
    12. ABC Child Care
    13. Abilities Unlimited
    14. Abraham M. Takushi
    15. Accel Party Rentals and Design
    16. Active Changes LLC
    17. Active Sportswear
    18. Adam J Bichok
    19. Adam SSF Amosa
    20. Adir Gadiel dba Honolulu Lights
    21. Advanced Health Chiropractic LLC
    22. Adventures Hawaii
    23. Affordable Pet Boarding, LLC dba Affordable Pet Boarding, LLC
    24. Agro HI Inc.
    25. Ahkom Services
    26. Ai' Shad LLC
    27. Aina Ohana Ltd Ptrs
    28. Aisha K. Ashraf dba Kashraf
    29. AKAL
    30. Akamai Raingutters
    31. Albert L Harris CPA
    32. Albert R. Correa dba Albert808 Photo Booth
    33. Alison A Koyanagi
    34. All Island Automotive Towing
    35. Allen S. Panon
    36. Aloha Auto Auction
    37. Aloha Care
    38. Aloha Dental Center
    39. Aloha Home Loans, LLC
    40. Aloha Hyundia KIA
    41. Aloha Pantry & Sushi Piikoi
    42. Aloha State Sales
    43. Aloha State Services LTD
    44. Aloha V.I.P. Tours, Inc.
    45. Aloha Way Transportation, Inc
    46. Alpha Omega Plumbing Inc.
    47. Alphadent Laboratory of Hawaii
    48. Alterations N More
    49. Alternative Care Services, Inc.
    50. Alyssa L. Fried
    51. Amalia Garcia-Lindenmuth
    52. Amber Atuatasi
    53. Ambert K Kamaka dba Kamaka Auto Detail
    54. AMC LLC
    55. American Carpet One dba the Carpet Shoppe, Inc.
    56. American Express Travel (Federal Building)
    57. American General
    58. American Home Mortgage
    59. American Mutual Group
    60. American Retail Supply
    61. Ampco Systems
    62. Amy K. Tom
    63. Amy Y. Ching dba Life Balance Systems
    64. Amy's Haven Inc.
    65. Ana May C. Pajimola dba Ana May's Cleaning Services
    66. Analiza A Domingo
    67. Andrew C Fortuno dba Commercial Insulation
    68. Angela L. Dumais dba Kokua Manner
    69. Angelito G. Gimeno
    70. Angelo P Russo dba Bio Pro Technology
    71. Anna Li Clinic of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture
    72. Annabelle C Recosana
    73. Anson Kau'ionalani Kamana'o dba Hula Halau'o Kamuela, Inc.
    74. Anthony A Cuarisma
    75. Anthony C. Ferretti
    76. Anthony C. Tam Sing
    77. AOAO of Sunset Lakeview Apartments
    78. AOAO Plaza Landmark
    79. A-OK Grooming & Sponsoring
    80. Appliance Tech Service, LLC
    81. Aqua Flow Tech
    82. Army USAF Exchange Hickam Clothing Store
    83. Arnold B. Lanting dba Arnold Lanting Graphix
    84. Artemio A. Rivera
    85. Arts & Graphics
    86. Ashai Photography LLC
    87. Ashlee M. Mendonza dba Creations by Ashlee
    88. Ashley-Ann Yonamine
    89. Assaggio Ristorante Italiano
    90. Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc.
    91. At Your Service Companies
    92. Atlantis Adventures
    93. Atomic Performance, Inc.
    94. Auntie Pasto's Restaurant
    95. Aunty Youg's Place
    96. Aurelia I Padilla dba JJB Asset
    97. Auto Tech Service Center, Inc.
    98. Autofinders
    99. Avis Budget Group, Inc.
    100. BAE Systems
    101. Baldauf Lawn Service
    102. Bantolina's Auto Unlocking Services LLC
    103. Bao K. Ngo
    104. Barry's Bread & Pizza, LLC
    105. Bassett Development
    106. Battery Bill's
    107. Beacon Restaurant, Inc.
    108. Benedicktus & Associates
    109. Beneficial Mortgage Co. Of HI
    110. Best Look Inc.
    111. Beyond Limits LLC
    112. Big Kahuna's Pizza
    113. Billy A. Duhay
    114. Billy I Brub
    115. Billy's Crystal Beauty/ Billy's Food Sport
    116. Biteware Dental LLC
    117. Blakefield Enterprises LLC
    118. Blue Hawaii Drafting Services, Inc.
    119. Blue Hawaii Lifestyle dba Blue Hawaii Surf
    120. Bluenates LLC dba Daily Buzz Cafe
    121. Bluwater Grill
    122. BNC Mortgage Inc.
    123. BOHICA Enterprises LLC dba Pacific Rim Fishing Supplies
    124. Bossert Builders Inc.
    125. Boy Scouts of America Aloha Council
    126. BP Hawaii Group, LLC
    127. Brad C. Mundon dba Brad Mundon Landscape
    128. Brandi L. Yoro
    129. Brandon Hayashida dba AMG Auto Body
    130. Brandon L. Silva
    131. Brandy U. Kahawai
    132. Brian K. Mersberg dba Brian Mersberg
    133. Brian M. Watanabe
    134. Brian P. Coughlin dba Coughlin Condo Rentals
    135. Brooks Tom Miller
    136. Bruce A Baumgartner dba Home & Business Communications HBC
    137. Bruce Matson Company, Inc.
    138. Bruno De Paris Salon, LLC
    139. Bryson K. Kanetake
    140. Bubbies Homemade Ice Cream
    141. Buca Restaurants 2, Inc.
    142. Bush Consulting
    143. Butler Medical Supplies Inc.
    144. C & S Wholesale Grocers, Inc.
    145. C&S Texaco Inc.
    146. Cabbab James & Sandra
    147. California Pizza Kitchen Inc. & Subs
    148. Capone's Ultimate Detail
    149. Cardiology Associates Inc.
    150. Care Givers of Hawaii
    151. Carla's Milk and Cookies
    152. Carmen's Daycare
    153. Caroline H. Park dba Blushing
    154. Caryn H. Okinaga
    155. Catherine A Agor dba Bags & Things by Cathy
    156. CB Richard Ellis Hawaii, Inc.
    157. CCA Home Mart, Inc.
    158. Central Pacific Homeloans, Inc.
    159. Centurion Insurance Agency
    160. Certapro Painters
    161. Ceseli Awaa dba Clean Kine Associates
    162. Charles Matthew D. Perez
    163. Charter Funding
    164. Charter Mortgage, Inc.
    165. Charter Realty, Inc. dba Charter Loan Modification Services
    166. Chase Hawaii Rentals LLC
    167. Chauntel M. Busch'e
    168. Chelsea L Veniegas dba Chelsea
    169. Cheryl Paiva dba CP Cleaning
    170. Chilis Bar & Grill Waikele
    171. China Airlines
    172. Choon Ja Ishida dba Hair One Beauty Salon
    173. Chris Yamada, DDS,MS, Inc.
    174. Chrisna T. Woo
    175. Christian Dior Inc.
    176. Christine K Kim dba Christine K Park Kim
    177. Christine Ohtani-Chang
    178. Christopher Castro dba Castro Artistry
    179. Christopher K. Martinez
    180. Chugach Support Services Inc.
    181. Chunji International Corporation
    182. Cindy L. Ramboyon
    183. Citi Financial
    184. CJW Motors Inc dba Hawaii Mitsubishi of Kaimuki
    185. Classic Hawaiian Kitchen
    186. Clay Thompson Maintenance and Repair
    187. Clayton N. Rodrigues dba Clay's Plumbing
    188. Cleanwater HI, Inc.
    189. Clear Choice Builders Inc.
    190. Clinical Laboratories of Hawaii LLP
    191. Club FNU Inc.
    192. Clyde S Umaki DDS A Prof Corp dba Periodontal & Implant Associates of HI
    193. Coates & Frey, AAL, LLLC
    194. Cody A. Wells
    195. Coffee or Tea, Inc.
    196. Comforcare Hawaii
    197. Complete commercial Flooring
    198. Connie Gayle Skin Care Centre, Inc.
    199. Consulate General of the Philippines Honolulu
    200. Cool Living LLC
    201. Coolrice LLC
    202. Coral Wireless dba Mobi Pcs
    203. Corinne K Allen dba Corinne Allen
    204. Corinne K Haddon
    205. Corpuz dba TCorpuz
    206. Correia Corporation
    207. Corrie H. Murashige
    208. Costco Wholesale
    209. Courier Corporation of Hawaii
    210. Cradles N' Crayons LLC
    211. Craig D Cayetano
    212. Craig M Morte dba Hawaii Wave Rider
    213. Creations by Toy
    214. Crest Financial Services Inc.
    215. Curves
    216. Cutter Dodge Chrysler Jeep of Pearl City
    217. Cutter Ford Inc.
    218. Cutter Imports Inc dba Cutter Dodge of Waipahu
    219. Cutter MGMT Co dba Cutter Automotive Team
    220. Cutter Motor Cars Inc dba Cutter Ala Moana
    221. Cutter Pontiac Buick GMC of Waipahu
    222. Cycle City Ltd
    223. Cyndie Gamboa
    224. Cynthia J. Fenner dba The Milk Bar
    225. Czarina G. Tabilas-Palmeira dba Weddings Made Simple
    226. D and L Kukahiko Corp 860 Halekauwila St.
    227. D'S Framing
    228. Daniel O Ramiscal dba D.R. Auto Detailing
    229. Danny K. Kekoanui dba Kai's Beauty
    230. Danny K. Sam
    231. Darrell C Allison Dr dba Blue Cross Animal Hospital Inc.
    232. Darrick B. Hatch dba Sight & Sound Media Systems
    233. Daryl Deguzman
    234. David Q. Ramirez
    235. Davido Hauhio
    236. Davidson and Gardner LLC
    237. Davis Corrision LLC
    238. Dawn K. Poopaa Hunkin dba Dawn Poopaa Hunkin
    239. Dawson International
    240. Dawson Technical, LLC
    241. Dean Kipi Jr
    242. Dean M. Hanamoto
    243. Deans Security
    244. Debbie Hart
    245. Debbie's Place
    246. Debiasi Pacific
    247. Deborah C. Story
    248. Debra A Nahinu
    249. Deering K. Lewis
    250. Delilah Wells
    251. Denise M Turunen dba Denise M Hevicon Attorney at Law
    252. Denise N. Mina
    253. Derek K Pavao dba Events R Us
    254. Devan Essner dba 33 Customs
    255. Deven Paul Kimoto
    256. Devland Management, Inc.
    257. Diana L. Book dba ND Ventures
    258. Dillon L Bracken
    259. DJ'S Tire Services & Repair Inc dba DJ'S Motorsports
    260. DNA Specialty HI LLC dba HI Headliners
    261. Don Marco Spas and Salons
    262. Donna M. Azuma
    263. Door to Door Auto Detailing
    264. Douglas M. Tagupa dba DT Services
    265. Down To Earth Natural Foods & Lifestyle
    266. Duffy International
    267. DUI Rick, A Limited Liability Law Corporation
    268. Duncan Lum Mortgage Servcies, LLC
    269. Dustin B. Deleon
    270. E & B Business
    271. E Maria Trucking
    272. E Unciano Contracting
    273. Eager Beavers LLC
    274. Ed Dang Machine Works, Inc.
    275. ED LLC
    276. Edward A. Goldman
    277. Edward Enterprises, Inc.
    278. Edward R. Hishikawa dba ERH Consulting
    279. Edwin Deuz
    280. Efren C. Peralta Jr.
    281. Eileen T. Baclay
    282. EJ's Electrical Service
    283. Elbert E. Carrier
    284. Eli's Diamonds & Jewelry Direct
    285. Elizabeth Cua-Oasay
    286. Elizabeth Slade dba Malielani Slade
    287. Emelyn S Kim dba Elder Care Counseling & Education
    288. Energy Industries, LLC
    289. Enterprise Rent A Car
    290. Erick J. Crisostomo
    291. Erin K Salon
    292. Erin YK Rosario dba Yoko Cosmetics
    293. Erma F Lacson dba Emma's Cleaning Service
    294. Ernest Complete Yard Care LLC
    295. Ernest O. Ancheta Jr.
    296. Ernesto P. Guieb dba Guieb's Catering
    298. Etsin Ringlen
    299. Eurosport Inc.
    300. Excellent Auto Center Inc.
    301. Executive Auto Salon LLC
    302. Exotic Motorcars LLC
    303. Faaletalaina T. Loa
    304. Fajardo Enterprises
    305. Farin K. Galeng dba La'au Pono
    306. Faualo Tusigaigoa F.T.
    307. Fay H. Eugenio
    308. Federico Kernto PTY LTD
    309. Ferdinand Afaga
    310. Ferreira's Trucking
    311. Financial Management Association
    312. First Class Tinting
    313. First Interaction LLC
    314. First USA Food Stores LLC
    315. Flexa Hawaii
    316. Floortech Inc.
    317. Florina Jack dba Florina Jack
    318. FOH/Professional Performance Dev. Group
    319. Fonseca Co
    320. Foresight Construction Services LLC
    321. Four Seasons Agency of Hawaii, Inc.
    322. Frederick Fong, M.D.
    323. Frederick G. Schultz dba Frederick G. Schultz Jr.
    324. Fresenius Medical Care dba Fresenius Medical Services
    325. Fresenius Medical Services dba Aloha Dialysis Center
    326. Fresenius Medical Services dba Dialysis Services of Kapolei
    327. Fresenius Medical Services dba Dialysis Services of Pearlridge
    328. Fresenius Medical Services dba Honolulu Acutes
    329. Fresenius Medical Services dba Honolulu Dialysis Center
    330. Fresenius Medical Services dba Kapahulu Dialysis Center
    331. Fresenius Medical Services dba Lanai Dialysis Center
    332. Fresenius Medical Services dba Wahiawa Dialysis Center
    333. Fresenius Medical Services dba Windward Dialysis Center
    334. Fresh & Natural
    335. Fuamaila Tuaolo
    336. Fuhe's Repair
    337. Full Spectrum
    338. Gale K. Fujitani dba Gale Fujitani
    339. Galen G.L. Lum CPA, Inc.
    340. Garrick & Sons, Inc.
    341. Gary A. Ferreira
    342. Gary D. Luce
    343. GDS Solutions, LLC
    344. Geico General Insurance Co
    345. Genady P Tamayo
    346. Genevieve T. Lehano dba Damsel
    347. Geraldine Ancheta
    348. GersabaFilextine P. / Ryan D. dba Family Child Care
    349. GGN
    350. Gifts to Remember, LLC
    351. Gilbert Kimura
    352. Gladys Demarco
    353. Glen D. Maghanoy
    354. Glen D. Tagalog's Carpentry & Maintenance Service
    355. Glennco HI Inc dba McDonald's of Aina Haina
    356. Godoy Ronald / Jocelyn dba G-Boys Cleaning Service
    357. Golden House Management Inc.
    358. Golden House Mortgage Inc.
    359. Golden House Realty Hawaii Inc.
    360. Goodwill Industries of Hawaii (Federal Building)
    361. Grabber Construction Products, Inc.
    362. Grand Construction LLC
    363. Green Earth LLC
    364. Grill & Bar NECO Hawaii
    365. Group Pacific, Inc.
    366. GRYLT Ala Moana LLC
    367. GRYLT Manoa Inc.
    368. Gunzie B. Freitas dba GUNZ
    369. Guthrie Rochele I ETAL
    370. Guy Derek, Inc. – C. June Shoes
    371. Guy W. Phillips
    372. Guy's Superior Interior, Inc.
    373. H & H Technologies, Inc.
    374. Ha Huialoha LLC
    375. HAC Sales
    376. Halau Ka Wailola, LLC
    377. Halawa Valley Auto Repair
    378. Hale Koa Hotel
    379. Haleakala Solar Inc.
    380. HARK Inc dba Claim Check
    381. Harry's Café
    382. Harvey Brothers LLC
    383. Hat World Inc dba Lids
    384. Hata Services, LLC
    385. Haven A Penitani dba Haven A Penitani
    386. Hawaii Auto Group
    387. Hawaii Fishing Company
    388. Hawaii Geophysical Services, LLC
    389. Hawaii Health Shiatsu Center dba Hawaii Health Shiatsu Center LLC
    390. Hawaii Kai Chiropractic Inc.
    391. Hawaii Nanny Domestic
    392. Hawaii Natural Pet & Friend's, Food & Supples
    393. Hawaii Self Storage
    394. Hawaii Tourism Japan
    395. Hawaiian Agents, Inc.
    396. Hawaiian Blades
    397. Hawaiian Island Homes
    398. Hawaiian Western Trandsport
    399. Hawn Magic Baskets
    400. Hawthorne Administrative Services
    401. HBC Home & Business Communications
    402. Heavenly United LLC dba CK's Delights and Grocery
    403. Heide L. Miller
    404. Heights Productions
    405. Henry Corpuz
    406. Henry L. Baker
    407. Henry T. Ancho
    408. Hertz Corp
    409. HI Care & Cleaning Inc.
    410. HI Pacific Concrete
    411. Hina Muaka
    412. HMP Inc dba Business Services Hawaii
    413. HNH Enterprises LLC
    414. Ho'ala Salon & Spa
    415. Hokua Condominium
    416. Hokuahi Lawns
    417. Hokulea K. Freitas-Faamai
    418. Holiday Retirement dba Hawaii Kai Retirement Community
    419. Home Appraisals of Hawaii, LLC
    420. Home Loans of Hawaii
    421. Hong Nam Kim dba H Kim Plumbing
    422. Honolulu Processing, LLC
    423. Hookipa Properties, LLC
    424. Hoomoku Hale LLC
    425. Horita Marian Trust
    426. HTM Contractor, Inc dba Halatoamui
    427. Hutton Inc.
    428. I Spy Customs
    429. Ikon Office Solutions Inc. and Subs
    430. Immanuel Enterprises, Inc.
    431. In Kuw Shim
    432. IN Production
    433. Independent Driver Opportunity Inc. dba IDO
    434. Indochine Café and Karaoke
    435. Iniki Enterprises Limited
    436. IN-Motion Promotions
    437. Interisland Sport
    438. International Convention and Event Services, Inc.
    439. IPC International Corporation
    440. Iris M. Ramirez dba Iris's Hairstyling
    441. Ishalee L. Kauihou
    442. Island Anodize
    443. Island Cedar Inc.
    444. Island Maid, Inc.
    445. Island Signal and Sound, Inc.
    446. Island Title Corp
    447. I-Wen Tsai
    448. Jacobsen Labor Services, Inc.
    449. Jade Audio Video Associates
    450. Jaime D. Pabalan dba Sharice Allyn
    451. Jake Bryan B. Corrales dba Jake Bryan Corrales
    452. Jake's Lawn Service
    453. James B Prickett dba Progressive Builders
    454. James Christian Locke-Rico
    455. James H. Prentice
    456. James Nishimoto, HRC Company
    457. James S. Nascimento
    458. James Tani
    459. Jan Balcar Authorized Mac Tools Distributor
    460. Janet Arreola dba Janet House Cleaners
    461. Jann K. Aki dba Kokusai Karate-do Goju-Kan Hawaii
    462. Jansen A. Sigman
    463. Japanese 101
    464. Jaron R Ching
    465. Jason C Ako, DDS
    466. Jason Giltamag dba Giltamag Service Company
    467. Jason Kawakami dba Tantriq Entertainment
    468. Jason M. Minami
    469. Jayson B. Rosario
    470. JCB LLC
    471. Jean M. Javier
    472. Jean Martesa P. Ortal
    473. Jeffrey A Segawa dba JAS Snack Shop
    474. Jeffrey B Garland dba Accredited Label International
    475. Jeffrey K.H. Chang
    476. Jemwel A. Butay dba Jemwel A. Butay
    477. Jennelyn P. Acosta dba Jenny
    478. Jennifer Frank MD
    479. Jensen Plumbing
    480. Jeremy Kuniyoshi MD PC
    481. Jeri M. Oshiro
    482. Jessa Talana dba Jessa Talana
    483. Jesse T K Pahia dba Jesse T K Pahia
    484. Jesusa Quinabo dba J Quinabo Care Home
    485. JFT DEV Corp dba Twomey Flooring
    486. Jihan Corporation
    487. Jimbo
    488. JM Pacific Auto Body
    489. JN Builders LLC
    490. JN Group Inc. dba JN Automotive Group
    491. Jo Lynn M. Humel
    492. Joa Deli
    493. Jo-Anne Marie Muraoka
    494. Joe Pacific Shoe Repair
    495. John Ae Kim dba John Kim
    496. John Hancock Honolulu Jube Agency
    497. John J. Hernandez Jr.
    498. John K. Hee (Kalihi Print Shop)
    499. John M Kato
    500. John Mullen and Company, Inc.
    501. John W. Miao
    502. Johndie N. Arios dba JD Services
    503. Johnson To dba JP Spagetti
    504. Jon Jon S. Ninalga dba Jon Jon Ninalga
    505. Jon Ren Salo
    506. Jonah M. I
    507. Jonathan D. Salvador
    508. Jonathan I. Salsedo
    509. Jonathan K. Lenchanko dba Jonathan K. Lenchanko
    510. Jonathan W. Pascua dba JWP Enterprises
    511. Jose Ramcer C. Ramos
    512. Joseph William Use
    513. Joshua Dinong
    514. Jovan K. Marfil dba Jovan K. Marfil
    515. Joy N. Tacto
    516. Joy O. Grace-Crisostomo dba Grace Farm
    517. JP Towing
    518. Juan M. Castillo
    519. Julie K. Conceicao
    520. Julie Sumile Interior Design
    521. June Ota dba Bryan and June Ota
    522. Juneil D. Calzo dba J Calzo Hawaii
    523. Junior's Yard Service
    524. Kaahui Edward H & Aine A dba Olowalu Juice Stand
    525. Kaffee-Kapolei Inc. dba McDonald's of Kapolei
    526. Kahale V. Beazley
    527. Kahu Malama Nurses, Inc.
    528. Kailua Nail Care
    529. Kaimana Travel & Party Rentals
    530. Kakaako Properties LLC
    531. Kamakee Lindsey
    532. Kamaki T Tan dba Kamaki T Tan
    533. Kaneohe Klipper Golf Course
    534. Kapolei Realty, Inc
    535. Kara A. Otineru dba I KANDI
    536. Karen Bartolome dba Karen Myrell C. Bartolome
    537. Karen D. Hutcherson
    538. Katherine F. Freitas dba Mapuana Enterprises
    539. Kawaihae Pizza Inc dba Café Pesto
    540. Kayce Kanohia
    541. Kazuko Moritani
    542. KB Travel Consultants
    543. Kealoha Jr. Samuel L/ April dba Kealoha Enterprises
    544. Keanu E Galeng dba K & R Drywall
    545. Keepcards, LLC
    546. Kelcee L. Demain
    547. Kelvin N. Uyehara
    548. Kenneth F. Perske, M.D. LLC
    549. Kenny Libokmeto
    550. Keola K. Kaliko-Dana dba Beauty Unlimited
    551. Kevin Guieb dba Digitaleyez Designs
    552. Kiakona K. Monteilh
    553. Kiamalu Consulting & Investigations Agency
    554. Kilauea Pest Control Inc.
    555. Kimyen T. Smith
    556. King Infiniti of Honolulu LLC
    557. Kirkland Cabinetry LLC
    558. Kisses & Hugs, Inc.
    559. KKC Coordinating
    560. Klean Sweep Janitorial Services
    561. Kmart Kapolei
    562. KMR International, Inc.
    563. Ko'olau Golf Club
    564. Koa Beach service
    565. Koga Engineering & Construction Inc.
    566. Kove's Auto Detail
    567. Kristen L. Tristan
    568. Kristie R Oyama dba Nail Definition
    569. Kristin L. Green dba KND Marketing
    570. Kristin N. Lobdell dba Kristin Nicole Lobdell
    571. Kristopher D K Kato
    572. Krystelyn K. Ramos
    573. KS Jewelry Design, LLC
    574. Kuhio K Rosa Travis
    575. Kuinise DS Leiataua dba Leiataua Productions
    576. Kulanui Construction LLC
    577. Kumon
    578. Kuuleikeonaona L. Akuna dba Kuuleikaya Jewelry
    579. Kyle M. Yonaha
    580. Lamination House, Inc.
    581. Lance T. Maeda
    582. Lancelot H. Quartero dba Fun Plates Hawaii
    583. Landon Tomas P. Antonio dba Landon Repair
    584. Lanikai Athletic Club LLC
    585. Lauren A Parks
    586. Law Offices of Marvin S.C. Dang
    587. Lawrence E. Agcaoili dba JD Systems
    588. Len Oyama
    589. Lenore H. Lee Attorney at Law
    590. Leon K Liem MD, LLC
    591. Leonida Maluyo
    592. Leota Rockwall's
    593. Leslie Yuen
    594. LI F. Chen dba LI'S
    595. Lia-Jane K. Yamashita dba L.Y.
    596. Lighting Services Inc.
    597. Lin Hing J. Chan dba June's Diamond Head Beauty Salon
    598. Linsey K. Gwin
    599. Liquorish Stone & Tile Work
    600. Lisa M Alston dba LA Hawaii
    601. Lisa N. Yamamoto
    602. Lita Soria Care Home
    603. Little Seoul Inc.
    604. LNW Management Inc.
    605. Long Huynh
    606. Lorna J. Mount dba Lorna Mount Enterprises
    607. Lynne J. Tokihiro dba L T Enterprises
    608. Lyrae Star Systems, Inc.`
    609. M Angela Smith
    610. Mainco Inc.
    611. Majestic Services
    612. Malika M. Nahina
    613. Mamuad Avelino/Elena
    614. Management Aids
    615. Maren F. Brunner dba Tante's
    616. Maria Y. Goings
    617. Marian Hawkins dba Danbarry Designs
    618. Marilou Chin dba Marilou Foster Home
    619. Marilyn Bersalona dba Marilyn Bersalona
    620. Marilynn A. Eleccion
    621. Marites R. Collado
    622. Mark Anthony A Paz
    623. Mark Anthony C. Manzano dba Manzano Mac
    624. Mark Baptista
    625. Mark J Ongayo dba MPO Enterprise / Wholesale Merchandise
    626. Mark S. Winslow
    627. Marlon M Taylor
    628. Marvin W Ching
    629. Marylu Rilomento
    630. Masae Shimizu
    631. Masako Hawkins
    632. Mauka Insurance & Financial Services (Mililani)
    633. Mauka Insurance & Financial Services (Wailuku)
    634. Max Nakata Garcia
    635. McDonald's Restaurant of HI Inc. dba McDonald's of Kaneohe
    636. Mckinley Motor Service, Inc. dba Mckinley Car Wash
    637. Meadow Gold Dairies-Hawaii Ltd
    638. Media Creatures LLC
    639. Megan H Clark dba Extreme Beach Boot Camp
    640. Melanie Mitsunaga
    641. Melanie Nitta dba Kanoe Gibson
    642. Memoirs LLC
    643. Meridian Auto Consultants, LLC
    644. Meridian Financial Network, Inc
    645. Merle Norman
    646. MGM Services
    647. Micah K. Lyman dba Micah's Car Wash
    648. Michael D. Rigodon
    649. Michael M Okano, DDS., Inc
    650. Michael M. Powers Distributors
    651. Michael W. Mckinney
    652. Michele Czara dba Kahala Sports Therapy
    653. Michoriann A. Hudgens dba GZS
    654. Midas Auto Service
    655. Middle Kingdom Travel, LLC
    656. Mid-Pacific Partners, LLC / Guardian
    657. Mike Mckenna's Windward Ford
    658. Mikela W. Smith dba 808 Smith Lawn Service
    659. Miyoko Harris dba Blue Ocean Express
    660. MKL Arts & Crafts LLC
    661. MMI Realty Services, Inc.
    662. Moments Forever Hawaii LLC
    663. Morgan, Andrew K & Naomi dba AN Morgan
    664. Mortgage Ability, Inc.
    665. Mortgage Brokers Consortium
    666. Moss Engineering, Inc.
    667. MRW & CO
    668. Muriel Cablay
    669. Myles S. Breiner Attorney at Law
    670. Myra T. Nohara
    671. Myron M Kamihara
    672. N & Z West Inc.
    673. Nails L'mour dba Mani Pedi Spa
    674. Napali B Parker dba Napali
    675. Natividad M. Amano dba Primerica
    676. Natural Effects dba Natural Effects
    677. Navak Distributing Inc.
    678. Never Quit Enterprises Inc.
    679. New Era National Video Store
    680. Newman Consulting Services LLC
    681. Next Gen Adventure, LLC
    682. Nichols Jr. Gerald T / Jeanine AKW dba Kokua Transit Service
    683. Nick M. Dietrick
    684. Nida G. Alim
    685. Nii, Janice S. / Warren dba Nii Insurance Consultants
    686. Nikolas Langer dba Nikolas Langer
    687. Ninja Kami
    688. Oahu Paradise Cleaning Services, LLC
    689. Oahu Realty
    690. Ohana Finance Inc.
    691. Ohana Medical Billing LLC
    692. Onestop Wireless LLC
    693. ONYX Sports Group, Inc.
    694. OTM Flight Shop LLC
    695. P & I Services
    696. Pabalan Debra L dba Sands S Rainbow Vending
    697. PACBLU
    698. Pacific Air Cargo
    699. Pacific Aquascapes Inc.
    700. Pacific Business Solutions Group
    701. Pacific Diamond & Swiss Watch Exchange
    702. Pacific Food Services
    703. Pacific Isles Equipment Rental, Inc.
    704. Pacific Mechanical Company, Inc.
    705. Pacific Mortgage and Loan Reduction
    706. Pacific Resources, Inc.
    707. Pacific Rim
    708. Pacific Rim Financial & Investment of HI Inc.
    709. Pacific Shipyard International
    710. Pacific Trans LLC
    711. Palama Meat Company
    712. Pancho's Solar
    713. Paradise Café
    714. Paradise Skycap Services, Inc.
    715. Party Planners of Hawaii
    716. Paterno S. Barreras
    717. Patrick Mokiao Fragoso dba Te Matahi Lehuanani
    718. Patriot Technologies of Ohio, Inc dba Sodexho CTM
    719. Paul D. Edney dba Hawaii Post
    720. Paul H. Honda dba Paul H. Honda
    721. Paula Kaneshiro
    722. Pavao Kine Grinds, LLC
    723. Pave Rentals
    724. Pearl City Auto Collison
    725. Pediatric Dentistry Associates
    726. Pension Services Corporation
    727. PepperBlack LLC
    728. Performance Landscapes
    729. Peter Rodriguez Jr.
    730. Philibert L. Carvalho dba Phil's Renew-All Svcs
    731. Phillip J. Lui
    732. Phyllis Levy MSW
    733. Plantation Candles
    734. PNL Enterprises Inc.
    735. Pomaikai Transport Services, Inc.
    736. Pono K. Okimoto
    737. Porter Tom Quitiquit Chee and Watts, LLP
    738. Posso Pizza Inc. dba Domino's Pizza
    739. Post Office Café
    740. Poutoa L. Olive
    741. Premier Realty 2000 Inc.
    742. Prime Design Group
    743. Primrose Salvador dba Primerose Mortgage
    744. Propark Inc.
    745. Puanani A Kama dba Hiipepe Me Ke Aloha
    746. R.E.I.N.S. International U.S.A. dba Gyu-Kaku
    747. Rabe's Premier Flooring
    748. Rachel J. Lara
    749. Rachel M. Santos dba Ray Marie Photography
    750. Rainbow Chevrolet Inc. dba Cutter Chevrolet
    751. Rainbow School
    752. Randall Morita Design
    753. Raymond's Painting Co Inc.
    754. Real Time Geomics, LLC
    755. Redemption Academy
    756. Regina A. Corpuz dba Regina A Corpuz
    757. Reid K Saito, OD., LLC
    758. Reiko Maeshiro
    759. Reliant Security Corporation
    760. Remax/Honolulu
    761. Rene L Lagura dba R L Yard Service
    762. Rene Pilar LLC
    763. Repairs Done Right Auto Service LLC
    764. Resortquest Hawaii dba Waikiki Beach Hotel
    765. Rey Ann Lagura
    766. Rhoda Feinberg Phd
    767. Richard A. Murray dba Richard Murray
    768. Richard D. Gronna Attorney at Law
    769. Richard K Yuen
    770. Richard L. Foust dba Hawaii Metal Roofing Solutions
    771. Richard Martin Repossessions
    772. Richard Ogasawara
    773. Richelle l. Hamamoto dba Holoholo Prints
    774. Richie L Concepcion
    775. Rick J. Phillips dba Rick J. Phillips
    776. Ridgetop Hawaii Inc.
    777. RMI Mechanical, Inc.
    778. Robert A. Billingsley dba Designing with Light
    779. Robert F., Shirley K. Sester
    780. Robert K. Palimoo Jr.
    781. Robert M Wood JR dba RMWood JR & Associates
    782. Roberts Hawaii, Inc.
    783. Robin V. Mcelreath
    784. Rock Star Piercing
    785. Rockne D. Caraulia
    786. Rodney Sparrow Enterprises
    787. Roisha L. Gouveia
    788. Rok San Inc dba Piikoi Mart
    789. Roland P ganitano dba R P Ganitno Mechanical Equipment
    790. Romeo & Evangeline Garcia
    791. Romeo V. Madamba dba Construction Service
    792. Ronald S. Kubo dba Kubo PC
    793. Ronferz Enterprises Inc.
    794. Rosalinda T Olivas dba Olivas Care Home
    795. Rose Carroll dba Prevention Data Collection
    796. Rose H. Hatch dba Rose H. Hatch
    797. Roselyn C. Tapia dba Island Girl
    798. Roxanne K. Guzman
    799. Roxas Marites A/Guillermo B daba Roxas Foster Home
    800. Russell K. Lapera Jr dba Kaimana Trucking
    801. Russell L. Young dba Russell L Young D C
    802. Rustam A Barbee Attorney At Law
    803. Ryan J. Paderes dba Ryan J. Paderes
    804. Ryleen K C. Bustamente-Tolbe dba Rayleen K C. Bustamente-Tolbe
    805. S & G Ferma
    806. S Orozco-Rodriguez dba Sunny Construction
    807. S&M Painting
    808. S. Kolona Painting, Inc.
    809. Sabu S. Utai dba S.R.S.U. Auto Clinic
    810. Sachi Hawaii Pacific Century Properties LLC
    811. Safeguard Services, Inc.
    812. Safeway Inc.
    813. Salon 202, Inc.
    814. Salon and Body Fitness Spa
    815. Sam the Man BBQ & Ramen
    816. Samson K. Woodlyn
    817. Sand Island Refrigeration
    818. Sandra K. Blackburn dba Hunakai Creations
    819. Sandwich Isles Termite and Pest Control Inc.
    820. Sang T. Bobay
    821. Sansei Seafood Restaurant & Sushi Bar
    822. SCORE
    823. Scott's Plumbing
    824. Sean K. Kaolelopono
    825. Securitas Security Services USA Inc.
    826. Security Innovations
    827. Sekino International Inc.
    828. Sephora Ala Moana
    829. Servco Auto Honolulu
    830. Shane A. Dagdag
    831. Shanelle Baxa
    832. Shannon t. Palmero dba Shannon Palmero
    833. Sharen L. Truex Nakashima dba Mic On Company
    834. Sharon L. Ortiz dba A Rainbow in Paradise Weddings
    835. Shaun Santos Construction Inc.
    836. Shauntay Garcia dba Tay's Secret Spot
    837. Shayne Fuller dba Balls of Fire
    838. Shileilai C. Ansai
    839. Sho Horiuchi Realty, Inc.
    840. Silvert & Saibene Wines, LLP
    841. Simi P Sepulona dba First Pacific Dealer
    842. Sinclair Drywall Inc.
    843. Small Engine Clinic
    844. Soane Sevelo
    845. Sobrevilla Ricardo / Rosario D
    846. Solaris Art LLC
    847. Song Hoon Kim
    848. Song-Min So dba Ohana Style
    849. Sonic Motorsports, Inc.
    850. Spencer PF. Omalza
    851. Spherion Atlantic Enterprises LLC
    852. Stacey N. Arashiro
    853. Staffing Solutions
    854. Stanley R. Calma dba Stanley Calma
    855. Star Financial LLC
    856. State Farm Insurance
    857. Steelsmith Natural Health Center, Inc.
    858. Stephanie K. Warner
    859. Stephen B. Yim Attorney at Law
    860. Stone Concepts LLC
    861. Subway Salt Lake & Pearl Harbor
    862. Success Solutions LLC
    863. Sunrise Construction, Inc.
    864. Susan N. Moore
    865. Switch Solutions Group
    866. Sylester Arreola
    867. Sylvia U. Nam
    868. T & T Tinting Specialists, Inc.
    869. Taco Bell TD Food Group, Inc.
    870. Taisha K Reyes-Padua
    871. Tamera Lee Meznarich
    872. Tanngail's Auto Repair
    873. Taste of China, Inc.
    874. Taylor-Judy Sekona
    875. TCS Drywall Inc dba Alii Drywall
    876. Technology Resources Support
    877. Teddy's Bigger Burgers
    878. Terri A Cadelago dba AAA Glass Studio
    879. Terry R. Akiyoshi dba Terry R. Akiyoshi
    880. The Baby Hui Infants and Toddlers
    881. The Cheesecake Factory
    882. The Fashion Image
    883. The Hawaiian Ukulele Company
    884. The Limtiaco Consulting Group, Inc.
    885. The Massage Corner
    886. The Orchid Room LLC
    887. The Wedding Ring Shop
    888. Thinker Toys Ala Moana
    889. Thomas E. Swenarton dba Blue Ocean Hawaii
    890. Tiana M. Spencer
    891. Tiburon dba Quest
    892. Timothy I. Hurd
    893. Tina L. Serrao dba Serrao Crafts
    894. Tire Source and Supply LLC dba Masaki's Auto Repair Inc.
    895. TOBN LLC
    896. Todd K Piilani dba Piilani Services
    897. Tol Carls Cantu
    898. Tommy L. Thomas dba 24 Hour Lock Doctor
    899. Tony group Autobody
    900. Tony Group Autoplex
    901. Tony Huynh dba Hollywood Nails & Spa
    902. Transcontinental Associates, Inc.
    903. Triad Travel Service
    904. Trinity E. Torres-Umi-Napoleon dba Zen Stylin
    905. Troy Caravalho
    906. Tsue Lloyd M / Lynn K dba L Tees
    907. Two Bears Auto Detailing Inc.
    908. Ula F. Pula dba Pula & Sons Yard Service
    909. Uncle Clay's LLC
    910. Union Glass Maintenance
    911. Unique Auto Sales
    912. Unique Mortgage, LLC
    913. Unique Motors LLC
    914. Urban Cabana, LLC
    915. USERS Incorporated
    916. Vakautapol Lauaki
    917. Valenti Print Group
    918. Valerie S Kuikahi dba Kuikahi Cosmetics
    919. Van T Balera dba Van Thu Balera
    920. Van T. Garvey dba Photography By Van
    921. Vance M. Higa
    922. Vangie's Beauty Salon
    923. Vern Walter
    924. Vernon K. Kato dba Sound Solutions
    925. Veronica C. Vallejos
    926. Vicki A.Y. Tsukano
    927. Victor's Fine Jewelry
    928. Voyager Auto Sales
    929. V-Tech Auto Service
    930. Vui Vui Inc.
    931. Walter P. Thompson, Inc.
    932. Waltjen Ohana Counseling
    933. Washington Shave Ice
    934. Waterfall Inc
    935. WATG Architects Inc.
    936. Wave USA Inc.
    937. Wayne T. Abe dba American Business Excel
    938. Wehena LLC
    939. Weil & Associates, Inc.
    940. Wellness Living LLC
    941. Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
    942. Wendall S. Ogawa
    943. Wendell J. Pablo dba Wendell J. Pablo
    944. Weslee B. Lawrence
    945. Wesley Chang Law
    946. Westaff of Hawaii
    947. Wilfredo M. Cabellero dba Fred's Repair & Maintenance
    948. William A. Caputo
    949. William J. Terry Jr. dba Terry Landscaping
    950. Wilmor O/Ernita S Luares
    951. Windward Auto Sales Inc dba Windward Dodge Chrysler Jeep
    952. Wing Sang Inc. dba Diamond Head Center L&L Drive In
    953. World Class Limousines Inc.
    954. World Wide Window Cleaners Inc.
    955. WR Financial
    956. Wu Song He
    957. WW Construction LLC
    958. X R G Company, Inc dba Ohana Meals
    959. Xpress Trucking, Inc.
    960. Y. Hata and Co., LTD
    961. Yamamoto, Shanelle Y / Mathew dba Yamamoto, Shanelle Y/Mathew
    962. Yamano Aiki Salon of Beauty
    963. Yanagi Sushi, Inc.
    964. YMCA of Honolulu
    965. Yogi Kwong Engineers LLC
    966. Yokota and Li CPA
    967. Yoon's Carpentry
    968. Yuichi Ishida
    969. Yulaila M. Onza
    970. Yummy Korean BAR-B-Q
    971. Z & S Restaurants LLC dba Lei Lei's Bar & Grill
    972. Zep Manufacturing Company
    973. Zhi Huan Joe Zhang dba Z H Construction

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